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Attendance Policy

These policies are outlined in their entirety in the student handbook.


Classes start on both campuses at 7:50 - when the school bell rings. Any student not in their class at that time of the bell are considered tardy. Tardies interfere with student achievement. We realize that at our students' ages, tardiness is most often beyond their control, and falls to the responsibility of the parent/guardian. Parents and/or designees are strongly encouraged to ensure that their child arrives at school on time. Students with three (3) or more tardies within a six weeks grading period will receive consequences or loss of privileges.

Leaving School During the Day:​​

Parents or their designee must sign out the student in the Principal's office. Only individuals listed on the student's registration card may sign him/her out of school. Identification will be required to sign a student out. Teachers teach everyday from bell to bell, and many tests are held on Friday. Therefore, parents are strongly discouraged from taking children out of school early for any and all unnecessary reasons.


Regular school attendance is essential. According to our school board approved Student Handbook for the 2018-2019 school year, a minimum of 90% attendance on school days must be accomplished by students for promotion or credit. If it is necessary to be absent from school, all students must:

  1. bring a note from their parent or guardian when they have been absent for any portion of the day. The note must contain the full name of the student, the date(s) of absence, reason for the absence, and signature of parent or guardian. (O.G.I.S.D. campuses will accept parent notes excusing no more than seven (7) absences each year.)
  2. present the note to their teacher or the office. Notes must be turned in within the first three (3) instructional days following the absence.

It is also important to note that:

  1. Students who either begin or end their day at school, but miss part of the day for medical/dental appointments and return to school with a doctor's excuse will not be counted absent for that day.
  2. If a student does not bring a note from the parent or guardian, an unexcused absence will be recorded. This will be changed only if a note is brought within three (3) school days.

O.G.I.S.D. files for non-attendance, and will refer it to the legal system. The school will investigate and report violations of the state compulsory attendance laws. This may result in assessment of penalties in a court of law. Complaints may be filed if the student is absent:

  1. for ten(10) or more days or parts of days within a six-month period in the same school year
  2. three (3) or more days or parts of days within a four-week period 

Please help us, as we work towards our MISSION, to educate all students to be successful in society. If you have any questions please contact either me or our attendance clerk at (361) 384-9358.